To follow this link is of course a must! Here you will find problems, test files and result from BOI'99. Probably the best mixture of 2 times 3 problems you can find.
  This link goes to a terrific site in Spain, Problem Set Archive. Here you can find around 800 problems of the same type we solve in IOI and BOI. You can solve them and send them in for automatic evaluation. So you can never say
"I have no problem to solve". A good idea can be, only to read the problem text and try to solve it in your mind -- practice in read, understand and get an idea how to solve it.
  This is the official IOI link. Here you can find all problems from IOI 1989 to IOI 1999. I'm sorry the problems for IOI 2000 isn't here.
  Of course you must go to The IOI 2000 China Web. But I think you already have been there.
  Another link to a page with a lot of links to other webs, Programming Contest Problems Archive with programming tasks around the world. But perhaps you have found enough ...

If you know other places on Internet with information around problem
solving with computers, please send us an E-mail.