Musical evning
We are planning a small musical evening during the BOI, where every
student/teamleader that plays an instrument or sings can participate. We
apologize for being so late with this message, but if it's possible,
please tell your students that if they want to perform a piece of music
they should bring their instruments and notes. You don't have to bring a
piano, there is one.

We announce a small change of the rules
For each competition round each contestant will be allowed to use
one IBM PC-compatible computer. The guaranteed configuration
of the computer includes a US keyboard, mouse and colour screen.

We will use Swedish keyboards. But there are stickers you can use
on top of the keys if you want.

Minor Changes in the Schedule
Because of late arrival the schedule for Tuesday, 1 August 2000,
The First Day of the Competition, is changed. See Schedule

New Type of Task in IOI 2000 in China?
(This text is copied from the IOI 2000 site)
There may be a new type of tasks for IOI 2000 competitors, namely
the Non-Secret Input type. The features of this type is as follows:

All competitors receive the same set of input cases (on disk in text files) and
have to deliver the corresponding output (on disk in text files) as specified in
the task description. The input cases are so complex or large that their
processing will require the use of a computer.

The task may involve heuristics, and it may be necessary to develop several
programs, first to gather some statistics about the input and decide on a suitable
approach, and then a program for each approach. The developed programs are
not submitted for grading.

By providing ALL the input cases with the task description, it is no longer a
case of guessing but a case of analyzing the particular data sets given. By
offering bigger cases, it is impossible to solve the specific problem instances
"by brain only". Thus, it still is a programming task, but the programs are NOT
submitted (the generated output files are). This also circumvents the problem
of time limits, run time errors, source code submission, files read from or written
to the wrong directory, use of auxiliary files, etc. All of this is under direct control
of the competitor.

Please note, at this stage this is only a possible type. Whether tasks of this type are
present for IOI 2000 competition or not will be dependent upon the results of the
evaluation of the candidate tasks, and no further announcement on this affair will
be made.