BOI 2000

BOI 2000 (or BOI'00) will take place in KTH Haninge, Stockholm
from 31 July to 4 August (the same place as for IOI94).

Six countries are invited: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania
and Poland. Each team consist of six students and two leaders.

There is no fee for the countries. The students and the leaders will be
accommodated in a hotel and provided with meals by the organizer.
But the teams are expected to cover their transportation to and from

KTH Haninge

KTH Haninge is a College of Engineering, a separate organisation
within the framework of KTH (Royal Institute of Technology). It has
at present five basic engineering programmes.

The programmes can be characterised as a technical theoretical
education giving knowledge in both basic and applied subjects
but also know-how in specific engineering branches.

The total number of students is about 1 000. The students study
for three years to obtain a Bachelor's degree in Engineering.

Here we have enough with computers for the competition. Here
also the Jury meetings will take place.

KTH Haninge
Marinens väg 30
136 40 Haninge

Hotel Win


You will live at Hotel Win, less than a five minutes walk from KTH Haninge. As you can see from the picture, there is a small lake close to the hotel, where you can have a swim - if the weather says yes.

Hotel Winn
Rudsjöterrassen 3
136 40 Haninge Centrum
Tel: +4687457500


The BOI 2000 Committee

The BOI 2000 Committee has five members

David Rydh (
Håkan Strömberg (
Pär Söderhjelm (
Mattias de Zalenski (
Niclas Hjelm (

If you need more information than you can find here

 Telefon: Before BOI 2000 use +4687128405 or +46856053082
During the event use +46708750511
 Post: Myggdalsvägen 76
S 135 43 Tyresö

Only for the leaders